Grossular is a Calcium- aluminium rich mineral. It is available is yellows and yellowish -green colors. Hydro Grossular garnet is bluish green, green in color. It is a calcium aluminium garnet with hydroxide (OH) replacing silica SiO4.

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1.68ct- Alluring Lustrous Hot ..
USD 69.99
2.98cts- Sizzling Hot Fire- Go..
USD 79.99
2.97ct- Fine Distinct Full Fi..
USD 299.99
1.57ct- Super Sweet Green Gros..
USD 69.99
1.90cts- Lustrous Oval Golden..
USD 89.99
5.02ct- Natural Grosullar Gar..
USD 1,499.99
5.49ct- Finesse Alloy Orange ..
USD 199.99
1.22ct- Alluring Natural Lustr..
USD 79.99
1.58ct- Distinct Green Yellow..
USD 69.99
2.58ct- Distinct Hot Green Yel..
USD 199.99
2.74cts- Alluring Natural Deep..
USD 399.99
2.72ct- Hot Vivid Golden Yello..
USD 79.99
55.41cts- Superb Hot Yellow G..
USD 1,799.99
0.85ct- Sizzling Fine Hot Tsa..
USD 99.99
1.94ct- Trendy Trilliant- Nat..
USD 79.99
1.67cts- Stunning Natural Dee..
USD 299.99
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