Aquamarine is the birthstone of the month March.

Aquamarine is the blue or greenish blue variety of the gemstone beryl.  Aqua means water and marine relates to sea. Hence the name aquamarine refers to the color nuances of the sea tone. This is one gorgeous stone that reflects the natural colors of the sea. Oilpearl has a wide selection of fine aquamarines and the gorgeous blue hues bring feelings of sympathy, trust, harmony and friendship. Aquamarine is basically a beryl family and is the blue variety. Aquamarine is usually heated to discard the yellow contents of the beryl and give the fine blue shades. Blue beryls are also the blue variety of the beryls and there is a difference in the treatment which makes aquamarine different from blue beryls. Blue beryls are irradiated to form the dark blue tones and usually the pink and colorless varieties of the beryls are radiation treated to form the dark blue beryls.

Aquamarine is a mystical stone with a myth undlying the history. It was believed by mariners that sea horses carried these watery jewels from the mermaids jewelry chest to the place where men dwelt in sea shores. hence marines wear this aquamarine rings or oendants to safeguard them against tides, and dangers and the give luck in the sea. Aquamarines are of high value and it symbolises wealth, trust, peity, relationship and uplifts marital life.
Brazil is the largest source of aquamarine followed with tanzania, kenya, nigeria, srilanka, afghan.
Blue color is one pouplar and highly valued color in gemstone industry. The blues of Paraiba Tourmaline and aquamarine are most opted for. Why blue is most opted for in gemstone is a good question that needs explanation. Blue is one color which depicts calmness. It certainly gives calmness to the eye, and the mind. This inturn impacts a calmness of the body system and keeps you calm and eradicates fears and other phobias. Practically anything calm is instantly accepted by the tricky brain and tends to cool you.
 Aquamarines are noted for its excellent clarity and however the intense blues are the most highly valued regardless of the inclusion. Inclusions are acceptable if the color is world class.
Aquamarines is also considered as the women's favorite jewelry crest for it was said that in history women with an aquamarine stone are considered as sophesticated as it showed ones richness.  

 When speaking about color the santa maria blue is one among the best. Aquamarines was also called santa maria africana for the espirito santo color. there is another tone of the aquamarine color called martha rocha, named after the brazilian queen in 1954. Aquamarine comes with a hardness of 7.5 - 8.0/ It has a specific gravity of 2.85 and a refractive index of 1.577-1.583.

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