Diaspore is the past was significative, of  the sultans of turkey. Diaspore gemstone  occurred with perfect cleavage and luster  and the base colors are greyish white,  yellowish hues, brownish hues and honey  greens. The clarity ranges from transparent to translucent. The name was derived from  Greek word Diaspora meaning dispersion.   Diaspore is a collector's and jewelers  choice for it has excellent color changing  property. Under incandescent light the color changes to pinkish orange. Diaspore was said to be first discovered in Ural Mountains, Russia in 1801. However Turkey seems to the well known and the abundant supplier of Diaspore.  The Turkish name which starts with a "Z" and ends with "nite" was named by Murat Akgun in honor of 36 sultans for finding the empire Ottoman in Anatolia in the late 13th century. However I am not allowed to use the full name due to very strict copyright issues and we abide by that.   Diaspore is a women's favorite stone for  the subtle color play and it is similar to  Alexandrite due its ability to show  different colors under different lighting  conditions. The gem is mined in one  location in  the world: Anatolia, Turkey,  and it is indeed a  true Turkish delight  although supply is said to be very limited.  Diaspore in a major constituent of the  Aluminium ore bauxite, with the chemical  composition AlO(OH). Diaspores are  available is all shapes and sizes and even  cabochon are in stock. Oilpearl has a wide range of loose gemstones and also deals with custom jewelry for more than two decades. Please feel free to email us if you have any orders and we most warmly welcome you. We serve certificates from Gubelin, GIA- Gemological Institute of  America, AIGS- Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences, Tokyo gem lab, GIT, GRS etc.  Diaspore has a Hardness ranging from 6.5 to 7.0 on the Moh's Scale. The specific gravity is 3.2 - 3.5 and the refractive Index is 1.68- 1.75. It is believed that Diaspore improves psychic powers, ambition, intellect, and desire. Another interesting  property of Diaspore is the cat’s eye  effect caused due to chatoyancy. Chatoyancy is an optical reflecting effect caused by fibrous structure in the mineral.

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