The word spinel was derived from the Greek word  Spinther which means sparkling. Later there derived a Latin word spina which meant thorn. Spinel was referred to be a name derivative of the former Greek and Latin word in two different contexts. Spinel Gemstone is sparkling "spinther" and a pointed crystal shaped structure "spina". Because of its wonderful sparkle spinel was confused for the corundum family for centuries due to its sensible high refractive index, its play of colors, sparkle,  and its hardness. The most popular among the spinels is the red and later the blue variety, of which the red spinel was the one which caused the confusion in the paternal tree corundum as the red spinel was mistaken to be red ruby for ages.  Spinel was mined at Burma, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Tanzania and Srilanka. Spinel occurs in almost all known colors except the yellow variety which was not known to be present.  The coloration is due to the presence of magnesium aluminium oxide. The red spinel gets its color when small quantities of chromium content was present, and the blue variety was caused by the presence of iron, titanium and zinc. The shape of Spinel is octahedra crystalline. The octahedra is a result of the isometric crystal system formed by the minerals A2+B23+O42, of which A and B occupies the tetrahedral and octahedral shapes and the oxide anions for the cubic pattern. Talking about red spinels- why is it mistaken for a corundum and why is it so valuable was a myth till the late 14th century when it was defined to be as a separate family and does not belong to corundum, thanks for the science innovations for this clarification. The red spinel is still the most valuable ranging true blood red to bright purplish red. The center gem of the royal crown of great Britain was clarified as a Spinel after ages wherein it was placed initially as a red ruby. As of date the biggest know spinel is show cased at the London natural history museum weighing 355 carats. Having known the formation, origin, history lets see what the other properties are. Spinel is an all time favorite for gemstone dealers and collectors because of its fine brilliance, hardness and the fantastic range of colors which make any showroom or any online store sparkle with colors. The best being the red followed by a smooth range of pastel colors of pink and lavender. Check oilpearl store to enjoy the full range of colors. 

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