Ruby is the birthstone of the month of July.
Ruby is the gemstone of the zodiac Cancer.
Ruby is the pink to blood red color of the mineral corundum. The red coloring id due to the presence of chromium content. The name is derived from the Latin Word Ruber which means Red and rubeus which means reddish. The other variety which belongs to the same mineral corundum is Sapphire.
 Ruby is the precious gemstone which has high value for decades. the pricing is mainly based on the color intensity and the clarity. The top color was the pigeon blood red which was initially mined at Mogok, Burma and is still the best sought ruby of all. However Srilankan mines also produce such pigeon blood red rubies but none in par with the Burmese mineral.
  The naturality of the ruby is determined by the rutiles which are also called as silkiness in trade. The Hardness of ruby is 9 with a refractive index of 1.76–1.78 and Specific Gravity of 3.97–4.05. Some rubies have the star effect which is caused by asterism and the cat's eye effect which is due to chatoyancy. Rare color changing rubies are also seen due to the mineral content. The chemical combination of aluminium and oxygen which makes rubies one of the hardest gems in industry. The higher the content of chromium the darker the red color and the more valuable the gem. Oilpearl has a wide range of  Ruby fine grade loose gemstones and also deals with custom jewelry for more than two decades. Please feel free to email us if you have any orders and we most warmly welcome you. We serve certificates from Gubelin, GIA- Gemological Institute of America, AIGS- Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences, Tokyo gem lab, GIT, GRS etc.
  Dr. Edward Gubelin in one of his studies called rubies as the red beacon popularizing the Fiery glowing color. The origins are Burma (Myanmar), Srilanka, Tanzania including Afghanistan, Vietnam, Mozambique, Tajikistan, Thailand, Madagascar, Pakistan, Zambia and Cambodia. Rubies enhances wisdom, health and luck and is believed to be the Gem of the Sun for its excellent brilliance under natural sunlight. Rubies have a very long history and it is also mentioned in the Testament signifying purity. Rubies where said to ward off evil, protect one from injuries. The healing properties are curing illness and protect against misfortune. The vibrations of rubies reflect of the most unconquerable.


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