The name emerald was derived from the French word Esmeralda, Latin word Esmeralda, Greek smaragdos meaning Green Gem. Emerald is a beryl's green variety. This green is due to the presence of chromium and vanadium. Emeralds are precious collector's most valuable treasure. It was said in an article by that This emerald is the beloved of the taurian and is the Birthstone of the Month of May. The crown of Holy Virgin Mary in Andes was set with 453 emeralds having a total weight of 1,520 carats, out of which 17 were pear-shaped emeralds hanging from the crown. The color of emerald is delicate leaf green to dark fiery green color. The Muzo mines of Colombia are by far the best known source of emeralds. The other sources are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Brazil, Zimbabwe, and India.  
   Emerald is a "stone of Love". It enhances loyalty and promotes friendship. The chakra healing properties of emerald stimulates the emotion, mental equilibrium, and deep consciousness evocating. It acts as a detoxifier of the liver and clears heart disorders. This emerald is the beloved of the taurian and is the Birthstone of the Month of May.
  In ancient Indian history the Mughals adorned themselves with emeralds and they were said to be the most beloved of all emperors in History. In early 20s the combination of color and crystal was termed by jewelers as the gem of the finest water. Hence they considered the quality of emerald based on the ardent green hue and the transparency. The nomenclature of the emerald was such that the best cut was in the shape of slices which were then a little bit shaped. The best shape was an elongated octagon like structure and this was a normal best way to retain the water texture and color and hence the name emerald cut was derived. This stone was considered by the ancient Egyptians as the most beloved of Cleopatra’s treasure and hence they engraved emeralds with symbols depicting youth and used to bury them along with demised people as a token of love and life come back.
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  The emerald lies on a scale of 7.5 to 8.0 on the mohs' scale hardness with a Specific gravity of 2.63-2.91 and refractive Index of 1.56- 1.60.


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