Demantoid garnet is the greenish variety of the mineral andradite. The mineral is rich in calcium and iron. When the chromium content is present in this mineral it gives a wonderful green variety and this is called Demantoid. The major origins of Demantoid garnet are Russia, Namibia, Madagascar, afghan, Tajikistan, Iran. However the first known source was found in the Ural Mountains, across the banks of Bobrovka River near the village of Elizavetinskoye in Russia. This was by far the best known source for Demantoid garnet. The color where brilliant green to bluish green. It is very rare nowadays due to scarcity and the quality. The term horsetail was an ardent feature of the demantoids from Russia. The inclusions in these demantoids are actually mineral fibres that resembled horsetails and most collectors sought for the finest color and with horsetails. These horsetails are most desired by gemstone lovers. There were a total of 5 locations in the Ural Mountains which had these unusual green shades and fine quality. The more intense the color the more valuable it is.
  Namibian demantoids have a slightly lighter color and sometimes do have honey green shades too with no horsetails.Some resources state that the Demantoid garnets namibia are green dragons. Some namibian demantoid garnet have the color changing property also. The color change demantoids are also mostly sought by gemstone collectors and the color changes from green to orangy red or red sparks under incandescent. Madagascar mined Demantoid garnets have a brilliant spring green hue. The mines of afghan and Tajikistan have fiery intense green hues and the Tajikistan material also had horsetail like inclusions which in trade was acceptable. The Iran mines have a peculiar intense green hue.
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  The hardness of demantoid garnet is 6.5 -6.7. The specific Gravity is 3.2 - 3.5
and the refractive Index is 1.68- 1.75.

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