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  Hessonite garnet is the cinnamon variety of Grossular garnet. Garnet is basically calcium aluminium mineral. The name hessonite is derived from the Greek word Hesson. In Sinhalese and in Tamil hessonite is called as Gomedheka. This is considered and most sought for astrological purposes and is representing the Lunar God Raghu, symbolising the planet Jupiter. This gemstone improves health, wealth, vitality, joy and happiness to the wearer.
  The specific gravity is 3.65 and the refractive index ranges between 1.742 and 1.748. The hardness of a garnet on the Mohs scale is 7.25. Hessonites being a part of the grossularite family, the other members of the grossularite family are Tsavorite, Hydrogrossular, Leuco and a combination of Grossular with andradite is Mali garnet.
  The best color of a hessonite garnet is the dark orange tone or brownish orange tone.  The coloring is due to the iron and manganese content. The clarity is transparent to opaque. The major hessonite garnet source is Srilanka followed India, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Canada and Tanzania. The hessonite garnets are not known to be enhanced. The major uses of Hessonite Garnet are healing for Improving sexual desire, emotional balance, and gain interest in life. It reflects positive improvement of bladder, intestine, sexual organs, and spleen.



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