Chrysoberyl is basically an Aluminium, beryllium mineral with the chemical formula BeAl2O4. The name chrysoberyl was derived  from the greek word chrysos which means  gold-white spar. Chrysoberyls are  basically yellowish-green, light green,  green in color. The clarity ranges from  transparent to translucent. In history  chrysoberyls where also called as  chrysolite. Another interesting property of the chrysoberyl is the cat’s eye effect.  This cat’s eye effect is due chatoyancy.  Chatoyancy is an optical reflecting effect  caused by fibrous structure in the mineral. Due to this effect the mineral is also  synonymously named as Cymophanite, which is cymophanit in German and cymophanita in  Spanish. This effect is smooth and blazing  like the ray on the eye of cat. Hence it is called as cat’s eye. This rough is mainly  shaped into cabochon to showcase the effect completely. Another sub category of the chrysoberyl is  the Alexandrite stone, which is  bluish  green or green in daylight and changes  color to red, raspberry red or purplish red in incandescent light. This is due to the  chromium content along with iron and  titanium. CIBJO is an international  confederation of the national jewelry trade organizations. CIBJO declares that the  color changing property of a chrysoberyl is named alexandrite. Chrysoberyl is very scarce because of the formation and it required a very specific geological condition and mainly a metamorphic environment. Russia is the major source for chrysoberyls and Other known traces occurred in India, Burma, Madagascar, Srilanka but none in par with the Russian Ural mines. Chrysoberyl is said to be the third hardest mineral on the Moh's Scale measuring 8.5. The refractive index is 1.74-1.77. The specific gravity of alexandrite ranges from 3.67.  Oilpearl has a wide range of chrysoberyl cut, cabochons, cat's eye, alexandrite loose gemstones and also deals with custom jewelry for more than two decades. Please  feel free to email us if you have any orders and we most warmly welcome you. We  serve certificates from Gubelin, GIA-  Gemological Institute of America, AIGS-  Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences,  Tokyo gem lab, GIT, GRS etc.

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