Opal is the birthstone of the month October. The name opal is derived from Upala Sanskrit word which means precious stone/jewel. Opal is a feminine name which is dwelled with the lovely play of colors. The name opallios is Greek word meaning color change.

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13.55cts- Alluring Azure Green..
USD 99.99
41.60 cts-Oval Cabochon-Natura..
USD 85.00
6.27cts- Gorgeous Oval Cab Den..
USD 599.99
8.15 Cts-Cushion Cabochon-Natu..
USD 60.00
35.84cts- JUMBO Hot Cushion Ca..
USD 1,299.99
5.54 cts-Pear Cabochon-Transpa..
USD 85.00
8.22cts- Finesse Cushion Cab D..
USD 599.99
3.32ct- Sizzling Rainbow Color..
USD 89.99
3.14 Cts-Pear Cabochon-Natural..
USD 75.00
14.80cts_PAIR_Rare Find_Antque..
USD 699.99
12.04 cts_Soft Ballet Pink_Ova..
USD 20.00
14.63cts_Glow!!! Natural Parai..
USD 899.99
19.31ct- Fine Alluring Azure G..
USD 149.99
3.62 cts - Peruvian Natural - ..
USD 120.00
2.09 cts_Fine Grade_Soft Parai..
USD 199.99
4.85 (TCW)_2 Pieces_Natural_Pa..
USD 291.00
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